Health related challenges are much greater in our Market for many reasons as we have extremely challenging weather environment and we also import all our cattle’s and poultry from all over the world and with that, we are opening the door for many viruses & diseases from different continents.

With the high demand to produce as much milk and to get as much weight of the chicken which put them in high level of stress in Dairy and Poultry Farms.

We in ARTAT understand the challenges that Poultry and Dairy Farms in the Middle East are facing when it comes to health issues and for that, we partner with the best of the best providers and manufacturer of Pharmaceuticals in the world to ensure that our clients will get the right treatment for any health issue that they may have.

We also in ARTAT have specialist of Vets to provide our clients with consultations and advise on how to handle and control any health issues. We keep training them and provide them with all tools needed to achieve their goal of healthy and productive clients.




Bull calf

Sheep and Goat

  • Coxidin
  • Bio-Coccivet
  • Coxidin
  • Coedin
  • Hydrodoxx 500
  • Optihpos
  • Pharmasin
  • Sacox 120
  • Spray Vac
  • Spray Vac Spectrum
  • Tilmovet
  • Vac Pac Plus
  • Parofor
  • Parofor

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