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Calf rearing nowadays is a business operation by itself rather than traditional farming. Dairy farms are raising their heifers in centralized calf units up till two months before calving while bull calves are sold or beef fattening farms that raise the animals and sell them at 7-8 months. Challenges affecting the calves are many including, management, health, nutrition, biosecurity and others. This makes the calf business
highly dependent on acquiring the latest knowledge and knows how to better manage the operation and make it profitable.
We, in ARTAT truly believe that we play an essential role in providing the technical expertise and the latest to the Calf Industry. This will enable our industry to stay up to date and competitive.
This year we are launching our First ARTAT CALF ACADEMY. The Academy is carefully designed to target only our market, its unique Challenges & Opportunities by bringing in some of the best experts from various backgrounds. The experts will share their knowledge in a 2 days’ format and interact with farmers from our market. It will be held every 2 years and the subjects of every session will be different to target the current challenges facing the Industry at that time.
We truly appreciate your acceptance to attend this academy and we hope that you will find it to be useful and beneficial to your business. Please give us your feedback on how to do it even better in the future!
- Naif Alomeir


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